Saturday, August 19, 2017

Smaugust Week Three!

Guys, I really like drawing dragons!

8.12.17 - Loopy

My sister called this scene in the latest episode of "Game of Thrones" the "Well, if my cat lets you do that, I guess you're okay" moment.  But I couldn't help but think it could've gone bad really quick...

8.13.17 - "Woops..."

I did not care much for "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" (more like "Wizard Politics and How to be Bored by Them"), but damn did it have some nice-looking dragons.  Here's an Occamy guarding her silver egg and wondering if it's still fanart if you did not care for the movie?

8.14.17 - The Occamy and her Egg

And talk about crap endings.  Seriously, where would those idiot Wizards be without this sweetie?

8.15.17 - A Real Hero

I looked at some of the old Dungeons and Dragons sourcebooks for inspiration. Is it me or does the Red Dragon on the old Monster Manual look like a big goofball?

8.16.17 - Awww!

For Folklore Thursday, I painted an Eclipse Dragon who immediately regrets so many things:

8.17.17 - "I Immediately Regret This!"

Finally, here's the dragon drawn on the last page of a Sketchbook:

8.18.17 - Last Page

...and the dragon drawn on the first page of a new Sketchbook:

8.19.17 - First Page

And here they are together! 😄

8.1918.17 - Last and First Page

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smaugust Week One... and Two

8.1.17 - Smaugust!

Smaugust!  The month of daily dragons!  This is the first of what will hopefully be a weekly wrap-up of all the dragons I drew in the past week.

8.2.17 - Limbs!

Got to wondering, if the "Game Of Thrones" dragons have only the two legs and two wings, why aren't they quad-launchers?!?!?

And thinking about it and getting a little fed up with all the wyvern-dragons in pop culture lately, anatomically believable flying tetrapods that are magical and breathe fire, I drew Leggy here.

8.3.17 - Curls

And here's Curly.

8.4.17 - Puff

And Puffy.

8.5.17 - Giant

And Giant. I like to think she's bright bright orange and periodically has to let the forest grow over her to blend in.

Then a lot of things happened over the past weekend and I did a catch-up day of drawing Dragon Pokemon from memory:

8.6.17 - Dragonite from Memory


8.7.17 - Salamance from Memory


8.8.17 - Flygon from Memory


8.9.17 - Hydreigon from Memory


8.9.17 - Bonus Goomy from Memory

And a bonus Goomy!

8.10.17 - The Dragon of Mordiford

The theme for Folklore Thursday this week was creatures of the forest.  A quick bit of research led me to the sad tale of the Dragon of Mordiford, pictured here before things rapidly go south.  (Note that in some versions of the tale, the dragon is described as a Wyvern [quad-launcher or not is never specified], so I gave this guy a few Wyverny features like fangs and a tail-blade while keeping him a proper dragon.  6+ limbs, damn it.  Heck, in other versions of the story, the dragon has multiple pairs of wings!)

8.11.17 - Kamata-kun

And finally, some fanart of a special boy from "Shin Godzilla", which I watched with my dad.  One or both of us might have sworn out loud when this thing first appeared. 

See you next week!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"The Breach"

My thoughts on the D23 and SD Comicon fallout are coming later, and probably well after anyone could care.   For now, let's talk Sketchbooks.

6.30.17 - The Tiniest Tree-Squeak and the Biggest Sketchbook

A Saunders Waterford Sketchbook from St. Cuthbert's Mill.  The Lamborghini of English-made watercolor Sketchbooks.  It was gifted to me by my cousin this past Christmas.  Here is it post-cover customization, with good old Carnegie Collection Corythosaurus for scale:

As you can see, it is colossal.  Imposingly so.  And probably very expensive as the paper quality is insanely nice.

As you might imagine, I can't wait to fill this book with goofy-ass animals and crazy characters.

Because it's KaiJuly, I figured why not start with some fanart of the King of Monsters himself?

7.25.17 - The Breach

I love getting to play with scale.  I had a lot of fun looking for photo reference of whales backflipping and I'm pretty proud of that sweet sky I painted.

Additionally, it's not a bad transition, because guess what month it is?

8.1.17 - Smaugust!

I want to see if I can do a weekly wrap-up post of my daily dragons this month.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The JuneFae Art!

I did it.  I painted a Fairy for every single day in the month of June.  I'm really proud of myself if I may say.  The entire Flickr album is embedded below:

JuneFae 2017

So what's the next art challenge? I've heard KaijuLy suggested and my current Sketchbook is more than qualified for that:

6.30.17 - The Tiniest Tree-Squeak and the Biggest Sketchbook

But there's also a part of me that wants to save my energy for SmaugUst...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Pardon Our Pixie Dust

Yeah... I have a mess of broken images; basically anything that wasn't hosted here or Flickr. I'm in the (long, long) process of fixing it, though.

7/7/17, 6:19 PM EST - Got all my images off the Image Hosting Service That Shall Not Be Named (except in the comments below, whoopsie-daisy). Tomorrow I'll do the part where I read my entire Blog in chronological order and fix the broken image links. (Cries quietly.)

7/8/17, 10:00 AM - Yup. Going to go through and fix all those broken image links and basically get rid of this ugly sucker that is freaking everywhere:

5:30 PM - My God, I'm not even done with 2009 yet...😰
Though I did skip around a little and fix nearly everything in the Chronological Disney Canon and the Dougal Dixon book posts.

7/9/17, 4:00 PM-ish - Ugh, this is (if you will forgive my language) such a sh*tshow.  I'm about as far as the basement cleanout of 2010.  Why'd I have to be so good about posting something at least twice a week back then?

8:00 PM - Worked backwards to switch things up a bit and now I'm somewhere in the middle of August 2015.  Gettin' there.

7/10/17, Noon-ish -  Archiving my Twitter so it'll be a little easier to convert The Princess Project and other Tweetmentaries to Storifys.  Go enjoy the "Frozen" Tweetmentary!

7/12/17, 3:00 PM - I realize I'm in the home stretch of converting the Princess Project Tweetmentaries...
Then I think of all the Vintage Paleoarts and trip reports... 

6:00 PM -But the Princess Project is all Storified and looks, if I may say, better than ever.  Go and enjoy!

7/13/17, 7:30 PM - I think, I THINK I have all the Animation marathons done.  Tomorrow, I tackle the vintage paleoart books.

7/14/17, 9:00 PM - And I think I'm done?  I think I'm done.  I get to reward myself with dinner now.


7/18/17 - So now that the dust has settled and the blood has dried and the vomit has congealed,  and most importantly I have had a chance to rest, what is there left to say about this? 

I am, first of all an most of all, unspeakably angry that all of this happened and I can't believe it went down the specific way it did.  It also made me think of how God-damned ephemeral everything we ever do ultimately is, and I, like most human beings, hate that.  Thank you, a-holes behind the Image Hosting Service That Shall Not Be Named (except in the comments below, whoopsie-daisy), for making me think about this.  I do not like you and I hope you lose loads of users because of this.

I'm sad to say that a lot of quirkiness has had to go.  I'm using the default Blogger smilies instead of the ones that I've been collecting since - jeez, back in the Yesterdayland days.  I lost a lot of gardening photos but I'm not sure who ever came here for gardening advice anyway.  Thankfully, I think only two entire posts (both local comic convention trip reports) were lost altogether.  I was able to save all the really popular posts and for that I'm extremely grateful.

But boy, would I have liked to have not had to do any of this at all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017